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Images & text © Vijay S. Jodha 2019

          Postage stamps are the preserve of the famous or the powerful, and not of the ordinary or the forgotten. This art project subverts that idea. It features some of the men, women, children and even an infant who were murdered in the streets of Delhi exactly 35 years back. Even going by the lower official figures, on an average one member of India's minority Sikh community was brutally murdered in full public view every four minutes in the heart of India’s capital over three days in November 1984. The lack of justice where almost all the perpetuators and enablers have never been held to account is a sad reflection of the zero value attached to these lost lives. Hence the value denoted on these stamps. This project is a tribute to these victims as much as to anyone anywhere in the world assaulted, displaced, discriminated or murdered on grounds of religion, race or any other personal attribute.

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